Thursday, June 11, 2009

vagabond sheets (for Tori)

i found much to admire in you
tried to walk like, talk like you
he said i even looked like you when i fell into the right light
but, your skin is too bright
nothing but an alibi's fight that left me on the curb of some lonely street

did you see when he walked away
i used phrases i thought you would say
i put you in my way but your melodies weren't right
so he left last night
while i was watching the light and surrounded in the pink

i must admit, now that he's gone,
i don't know how we'll get along
i broke as i stumbled on one of his laces hiding tonight
that mirror will finally speak
of my form, always less than Greek, that is now hiding beneath the sink

let's wrap in vagabond sheets
bind our hands and doze for weeks
underneath the bathroom sink dripping tears like lightening bugs
stop me from wanting what never was
lights out and hit repeat